IMG_0486 IMG_0475 IMG_0449This is a typical morning run to the markets. Sung Hai always saves me great silks. He also stocks vintage cotton kimono fabrics and I find it very hard not to buy them. I just can’t not take it home – a lot of navy on white, floral or geometric or both. So cool. I’ve been turning them into doona covers and baby blankets for friends.

Anyway, everything is measured (like this gorgeous stone colour) before the bargaining begins. Today Sung Hai told me about a third of his material is sold to individuals probably for home projects like making curtains, bed linen, clothes, covers for cars and motorbikes to protect from the sun and dust etc. Another third is sold as rags or by the kilo to be shredded to create pillow or cushion stuffing. The remaining third is bought back by the wholesalers who continue shipping it around the world via waste traders, normally to developing countries in SE Asia or Africa, but there’s a growing market for textile waste as more and more people develop innovative uses and ideas.

Sung Hai was receiving his morning blessing when I arrived and made me text him the photo afterwards. He liked the colours. So do I.