Pomegranate juice, uh, YES

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I like nature and serenity, but I LOVE the design and movement in urban spaces. It’s got something to do with being in a single location that’s pulled so many people together and their art, language, work, lifestyle, sport, music, fashion, food, style, behaviours, relationships and generally how people be in a place, all at once.

Bangkok is a wonderland for this, not half because of all the colour. It’s been days of delicious street food (including this pork pancake) and we found some fab ’50s/’60s buildings. The middle pic is the Embassy of Pakistan. Public transport – trains, subway, ferries, taxis – is sooooooo good, sooooo easy. The traffic is crazy yet so photogenic. Without doubt, the showstopper is the pomegranate juice. Fresh, cheap, slightly bitter, icy cold and waiting for me at every train station around the city. I have been guzzling.