Silk searching

It’s rainy season in Phnom Penh which means market trips must happen in the morning. If you miss that window, the steamy weather builds, the skies burst and the roads flood. This is Street 113 near O’Russey Market. I visit roughly twice a week to trawl through the piles, more recently since we went into production and I’m in stockpiling mode. Two of my favourite sellers are here. They have a great eye for natural fabrics and they know I don’t want pieces that are damaged or weathered beyond repair. They also know I don’t want the satins or anything with lettering or branding on it. It’s pretty hit-and-miss here…some days I leave with nothing (except mangoes or sugarcane juice) and other days I could fill a tuk tuk. Oh, they also know I’m a sucker for good vintage cotton, so visits to 113 are generally win-win kinda mornings.