Silky wow

IMG_0742 IMG_0741Every now and then a discovery happens that swiftly reminds me of how this whole thing comes together. This was grown by silkworms, then harvested by silk farmers, woven into thread and then into fabric by weaving machines or on hand looms. Someone drew this, probably first as a sketch or outline with pen on paper, then it was printed – all those colours set into place to create a repeating mosaic of intricate leaves, zebras, birds, lines, feathers, guilding and flowers. Then it was sold on to buyer or trader, but somewhere along the way it was discarded or rejected and it ended up in piles of textile remnants. Then I happened to be there on the right day, at the right time of day, with just enough local language to request if there was any silk. And then I’m on a motorbike heading home thinking about how this rare piece of silky wow will make one Superlost dress. Just one dress, because there’s only three metres of it.