Four way dress

Our dresses feature an internal hidden silk belt.  

TIE ACROSS YOUR FRONT for a dramatic drape at front and a fitted look across your lower back.

Superlost tied at front 1Superlost tied at front 6Superlost tied at front 5

TIE ACROSS YOUR BACK for a dramatic drape at the back (like a cape) and a fitted look across your stomach.

Superlost tied at back 4Superlost tied at back 1Superlost tied at back 3Superlost tied at back 6Superlost tied at back 5

TIE THE BELT OUTSIDE, or add a belt of your own, to cinch at the waist.

Superlost belt 3Superlost belt 1Superlost belt 2

WEAR FREE without the belt for beautiful, relaxed drape.

Superlost no belt 2Superlost no belt