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Even though our designs are simple, oversized pieces, the sample process has taken about 3-4 months. I’ve also been working on a consultancy gig which involved writing a mammoth report.  But the whole time, I’ve kept in mind my favourite tops or jeans, the things you keep for years and years. And I’ve reminded myself that these timeless treasures are the product of a thoughtful, considered process.

The bottom pic is my lists of requests for the next (hopefully final!) round of samples. Very technical as you can see, with the sticky tape and all. I’ve got 17 items on the way which I’ll use at a little gathering at home where I plan to host all the lovely women I know in Phnom Penh. This city has lots of ladies from all over the world, with a huge mix of personalities, careers, passions and styles. So I want them to come and test my sizes, lengths, necklines, textures etc and get some feedback and make sure the clothes work on bodies other than my own. It’s good to do the research. And also to drink champagne. And probably eat cake. They’ll need cake and champagne.